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Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
06 November 2008 @ 12:48 pm
NaNo is upon us and I was doing okay with my word-count until I finished the first story and moved onto another. Moving on means remembering the word-count on the first story so that I can add it to the other stories (okay, story, singular, right now) for my total daily wordcount.

Not cool. Actually: pain in my ass.

So I think I'll just put my word-counts here with the stories they correspond to. Means I can break up the stories and not make it all one big soap-opera of a thing, and if anyone wants to track my progress, y'know, it'll be here for you to do that.


mistr3ss Quickly's NaNoWriMo Progress for 2008

• "Pharmacy" ------- 8,070 words
• "Daily Bread" ----- 8,471 words
• "The House" ------ 9,436 words
• "Settling In" ------ 7,443 words
• "Journey" --------- 1,004 words
• "John's Father" --- 8,215 words
• "Normal" ---------- 8,155 words
• "Paper Girls" ------ 5,743 words
• "Secrecy" ----------1,994 words
• "Girlfriend" ------- 6,536 words

All stories for NaNo 2008 will fall under the working title Mourning Dove and will span Jasen's story from age 10 to age 18.


Total so far: 65,367 words

Goal by 11/30: 50,000 62,000 74,000 words

Words left to go: 0 words 0 words 8,633 words

My corner on NaNo: Mistress Quickly on NaNo
Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
01 October 2008 @ 10:01 am
Okay, so I'm reading this book right now, one I borrowed from a friend in my Sunday School class. It's ... mediocre. I won't say it's crap, because it's not. It reads like fanfiction I wrote when I was just starting to get back into writing, trying to figure out what makes a good story, what my personal writing style is, etc. (In other words, it's crap.) And it's not just that book. I couldn't finish the last book I picked up to read because the writing style and story were just not all that gripping. Same with the book before it that I tried to read and—well, okay, I did finish that one, but it was terrible. Problem with these books is that they tell instead of show. The characters don't feel real. The writing feels guarded. Apologetic.

So! Getting to the point. If that kind of poo can get published, surely my stuff can too, right?

Right.Collapse )

Fingers crossed big-time that this will work. *nods*
Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
18 August 2008 @ 04:56 pm
Hey, this seems to be a HUGE help with Toby and Jovial, and as I'm hoping to use Jasen and Taylor for my NaNo, I thought maybe I should make one of these for them NOW, so that I'll have a chance to figure out wtf I'm doing before November shows up.

... watch me say that and end up writing Greg and John for NaNo. Just watch. =_=;;

Anyway! Jasen & Taylor stories listed here in chronological order. If you want links for the ones that are finished and posted, that's kept here. Oh, and bear in mind that this is the Jasen & Taylor book. Stuff from the pre-Taylor (the John & Greg?) book will be listed ... elsewhere. Probably. *fails*

Ducks in a row!Collapse )

... someone pester me if I don't update this list often, please?
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Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
03 August 2008 @ 06:03 pm
Miss Myna said—and I agree with her—that critique is hard to give on stories that are piece-meal bits of a full novel, so with Toby and Jovial, I'm trying something I've never ever ever done before: I'm planning ahead. Le gasp, I know. XD

So here I'm going to keep—for my own reference and for the curiosity of anyone who has it—a record of what I've written and what's left to write. Partly so that y'all can yell at me if lots of time goes by and I don't mark off new stuff as done, or even touched, and partly so that I'll have my list handy for the (many) times I forget my notebook in the car/office/apartment/heaven-only-knows-where.

I'll start posting after I've got at least half the story finished. Or whenever someone asks me to post. You know me, I'm a whore. ;) ♥

Clicky for teh listyCollapse )

... someone pester me if I don't update the list often, please? ;_;

Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
30 June 2008 @ 03:51 pm
So pockygirl linked me today to a really fun quiz for your OC's. If you think you don't have 10 OC's, you're probably wrong you can pick fandom characters or real people or whatever, instead, but do make your list first, before you look at the questions.

I made my list based on age. Any characters listed as being born in the same year are listed based upon when in the year they were born. For example, Jasen and Gwen were both born in '85, but Jasen's birthday is 2 January, where Gwen's 23 May, making Jasen the older of the two.

Choose 10 of your OC's.
1. John (born 1961)
2. Greg (born 1962)
3. Toby (born 1983)
4. Nika (born 1987)
5. Taylor (born 1986)
6. Jasen (born 1985)
7. Gwendolyn (born 1985)
8. Jovial (born 1988)
9. Finnegan (born 1990)
10. Kaleb (born 1990)

Click here to see the results! :DCollapse )

Now, if anyone else has a question, hit me! They can be questions with numbers in them, if you promise not to cheat and look at the list for who's who ... :D

Also, the questions marked with "♥" are ones I plan to make into full short-stories someday. Someone get on my ass about them and make me write those stories, please? *puppy eyes*
Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
08 April 2008 @ 12:15 pm
So I've been thinking, lately, about Toby and Jovial and why it is that Al/Danny was such fun to write, where Toby/Jovial seems to bore the almighty tears out of me.

Here's what I'm thinking.Collapse )

Please let me know what you think!

[EDIT]: I went with it, gave it a try. See the result here!
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Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
12 March 2008 @ 09:37 pm
So I'm working on a piece of Jasen's story, and I've hit a snag. Let me know what you think I should do with this story, please?

Okay, situation: You're a man in your late thirties, father of two boys, ages 14 and 10. Your wife passed away four years ago; you've recently rekindled a romantic and sexual relationship with your best friend and former lover, a man.

Tonight, your older son walked in on you sharing a relatively innocent kiss with your male lover. He reacted very badly. You've now sat him and his brother down and told them about your relationship with your lover. Come clean, told them that you're in love with him, that he's going to be that part of your life, now.

Your older son is disgusted and makes no attempt to hide it. Your younger son is fascinated.

After a few awkward-but-answerable questions, he asks you if you and your partner ever kiss. You tell him yes.

He asks you to prove it by kissing the guy right there.

Your older son is sitting right there. You know he has a big problem with you being involved with a man. Your younger son is watching you expectantly. You don't want him to think that kissing a man on the lips is somehow shameful; he saw you kissing his mom plenty, when she lived.

What do you do?

Feedback with reasons or concerns or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
29 February 2008 @ 02:44 pm
A place where the stories I write will be placed in order, chronologically. Please be aware that: a) I will be putting stories under lock where only I can see them after they've been up for about a month, so these links won't always be accessible to everyone; and b) the order is likely to change. A lot.

I don't know when things happen, relative to each other. I haven't read this book yet. *laughs*

Ye olde timeline of DOOMCollapse )
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Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
12 January 2008 @ 07:11 pm


Written for my dear friend faerie_speak, for her twenty-third birthday. She read Howl's Moving Castle when she was younger and loved it just as much as I did, so I thought I'd draw her a picture. But you know my muses, they weren't satisfied with that, so here's the story that goes along with it.

Cheers, and here's for a great Year Twenty-Three! ♥

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Prodigy, the not especially prodigious
13 December 2007 @ 03:28 pm
Okay, ladies and gents (do I have any gents reading this journal, yet?), here's the situation: I'm doing a story that I've had in third-person past-tense for quite a few months, now. It's just not flying in TPPT, but then again, none of my Taylor/Jasen stuff really ever has, 'cept for "Thinking" and "Obnoxious Like Christ," but those are a different matter.

ANYWAY. I've got the story started in first-person past-tense (Jasen's usual mode of storytelling, I've noticed. Everyone else keeps their first-person to present-tense.) and in second-person present-tense, and I ... kinda like them equally. So what I'd like would be, please, for you to read both and tell me which you prefer, and why. Or, if you don't prefer either, tell me what you like and dislike about each, so that I can compare that to what I think of them.

Appreciate your help muchly!


Second-person Present-tenseCollapse )


First-person Past-tenseCollapse )



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